Integrations Integrations

With Asparia’s unique approach to embed the solution within the EHR, the service goes live in days not months and without any significant IT work, data duplication or staff training. You can add a digital overlay to your EHR systems in days to offer a contextual, conversational patient experience using interactive automated text and voice-based patient engagement.

We are NOT yet another system requiring complex integration. Asparia provide frictionless implementation, adoption and operations.

Some of our EHR partnerships include:


Frictionless Implementation

  • Pre-built deep integration via APIs
  • Cloud-hosted – No installation, upgrades, management
  • 100% message customization

Seamless Operations

  • Adheres to all templates in EHR
  • Abides by preferences and availability
  • Actionable Reporting and Analytics

Personalized Communication

  • Honor patient communication preferences
  • Automatically follow language preferences with 100+ languages
  • Customize messages based on patient history

Highly Efficient

  • EHR-driven automation of multiple activities
  • Broadcast messaging to selected groups of patients

EHR as Single Source of Truth

  • No data duplication between EHR and other systems
  • Patient interactions driven from and recorded in EHR

No Burden on Staff

  • Staff work within the EHR and don’t have to login or learn new systems
  • No manual file upload / download
  • Notifications, alerts and reporting in EHR

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