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  • EHR Embedded Chatbot for​ Automated Patient Communications
    EHR Embedded Chatbot for​ Automated Patient Communications

    Engage patients with actionable, conversational SMS and live chat directly from your EHR.

  • Enhance Patient Care and Revenue
    Enhance Patient Care and Revenue

    Close care gaps, reduce no-shows, and help boost your bottom line with our closed-loop communication tools

  • Transform Operations with Intelligent Automation
    Transform Operations with Intelligent Automation

    Your staff continues to use existing EHR workflows, while intelligent automation helps them get the job done efficiently. Experience frictionless operations.

The New Reality for Care Delivery: 5 Reasons Why it Needs Automated Patient Communications

Automate patient communications with EHR-embedded closed-loop solution

Increase Engagement 10X
with Patient-friendly SMS

Asparia acts as the communications bridge between your EHR and patients. Our simple, easy-to-use platform compliments existing functions and reduces staff burden. Automate your workflows with no new systems for staff to learn.

Asparia's closed-loop workflows cover recurring communications including appointment reminders with ability to confirm, cancel or reschedule directly in EHR, no-show follow-up with self-schedule, campaigns to recall for preventive care, pre-procedure prep and many other staff to patient workflows.

Increase Engagement 10X
with Patient-friendly SMS

Why use a Chatbot?

Why use a Chatbot?

  • Maximize Available Appointments
  • Reduce No-Shows
  • Close Care Gaps and Boost Quality
  • Prevent Last-minute Procedure Cancellations
  • Reduce Staff Burden
  • Reach More Patients - Compliment EHR Portals

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Tailored EHR-Embedded solutions for your health systems and practices

Asparia Health Systems

Health Systems

Automate workflows with no new systems to learn. Engage patients at scale to enhance revenue, care and quality metrics.

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Asparia Federally Qualified Health Centers


Reduce no shows and close care gaps, while lowering staff burden. Engage patients in 100+ languages.

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Asparia Multispecialty Practices

Multispecialty Practices

Reduce revenue leakage and maximize profitability. Boost care quality and enhance patient engagement and experience.

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    What is a closed-loop workflow?

  • Asparia integrates with EHR’s using API’s, allowing it not just send notification to patients but complete the full workflow directly in the EHR.  For example, you can not only remind patients about their annual wellness visit, but they can self-schedule their appointment directly via SMS.
  • Is Asparia deployment truly frictionless?

  • Asparia delivers rapid implementation and scales quickly because it uses existing APIs to integrate deeply with your EHR.
  • How do I customize patient communications?

  • Asparia provides a self-service portal where designated staff can customize patient communications in real time.
  • How does this use the EHR to increase staff efficiency?

  • Asparia uses the power of your EHR to target patient groups for messaging based on their health conditions, upcoming procedures, and communications preferences. Automation allows multiple patients to schedule and confirm appointments, with no staff intervention.
  • How can I avoid data duplication between my EHR and the system?

  • All patient data and interactions are documented in your EHR, which remains the source of truth for care and recordkeeping. Templates and workflows setup in EHR are followed. No duplicate entry is required.
  • What training does my staff need?

  • None. Staff continues to work within the EHR. There are no new logins and no new systems to learn.
  • Is Asparia HIPAA compliant?

  • Yes, Asparia is HIPAA compliant. Due to our architecture and integration with EHR’s, minimal PHI data is kept our system which reduces risk.
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